New Company Growth Spurs Move 

Miami Lakes, February 20, 2018– Gemstone is announcing the relocation of their Miami Lakes office. With plans of growth for the company, CEO Serafin Fuente and CTO Carlos Romero have chosen to evolve their Miami based technology development center to include a client driven presentation office. The new office allows the location to grow as a sales center, while also handling the staffing needs of developers for new projects. The open format layout will allow for the team members to collaborate with ease, and work on solutions together. 

“Our aspiration as one of the leaders in the payment industry is to usher in change and innovation that would further separate us from our competitors”, said Gemstones Chief Executive Office Serafin Fuente.  “We want our look to be synonymous with our performance”.  

Gemstone Payments, LLC (“GEMSTONE”) arose to meet the need for an independent, unbiased development organization for the dynamic and increasingly complex transaction and point of service market. GEMSTONE has become a leading global provider of transaction and point of service IT solutions. Leveraging years of experience and expertise in all aspects of payments and transactional technology, GEMSTONE provides solutions to the most prestigious financial institutions, credit card processors and retailers in the world. GEMSTONE saves companies millions of dollars by providing cost effective cutting-edge technology solutions to difficult challenges in the payment and transaction space. Years of experience and the development of advanced proprietary solutions and processes provide GEMSTONE and its customers a unique tool-set that enables implementation of new products and cost saving technologies quickly and easily. 

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