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Testing & Certification

Approving your applications for use

Let Us Handle the Certification Process

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Keeping Your Applications Secure

Gemstone can test and certify any software payment solutions we create as well as outside solutions for your company. We offer a variety of testing programs, ensuring that your application will be ready to perform in the market securely and efficiently for your customers.

Testing We Specialize In

Gemstone enhances product quality by virtually eliminating human error through the use of automated testing. Gemstone will take into account customer requirements and need for waivers and kernel specifications to ensure the product is ready for certification.

EMV Pre-Certification

EMV Certification

Acceptance Testing

User Interface Testing

Messasge Format Certification

Usability Testing

Cross-Platform Testing


Single Information Source

Avoid seeking advice from and coordinating between multiple vendors. Gemstone will manage the certification process for you and coordinate among all interested parties.

Proven EMV Process

  • Step 1-Foundation

    We perform a needs assessment for your applications. We review your current certification status and walk you through the best course of action for the software. The support level that you require will be determined and a plan will be created.

  • Step 2- Paperwork

    We do a Kernel Review, where we confirm your kernel validity, and verify it’s capabilities against your requirements. Our developers then complete a test scripts review.

  • Step 3-Testing

    We perform the chosen tests on the applications. Using our various automated testing kits, we certify the applications and provide feedback and recommendations for the software, where needed.

  • Step 4-Submission

    Gemstone pre-certifies all applications once all tests are executed successfully. Documentation is created, completed and then sent to the acquirer. Once the acquirer has certified, your application will be Level 3 EMV Certified.

Professional Services Packages

We tailored our packages for our industry and with you in mind. From predictable costs, monthly, agile, and even hourly we are here to serve your needs.



Lowest Cost
  • Budget Controlled
  • Multiple Projects
  • Change Requests don’t impact pricing
  • Dedicated resource
  • Become part of your development team.
  • Use your standards and practices.

Project Based


Medium Cost
  • Budget Controlled
  • Change Requests impact pricing
  • Resource is only dedicated during the duration of the project
  • Projects enter development queue



Higher Cost
  • Budget controlled
  • Short burst projects or assistance.
  • Resource is only dedicated during the duration of the project
  • Projects enter development queue



Highest Cost
  • Pay per Use, hourly charge
  • Resource is only dedicated during the duration of the project
  • Projects enter development queue

Your Customer’s Safety is not Optional When it Comes to Payments

Take the guesswork out of EMV. Gemstone’s automated testing reduces risks and overall testing time, decreases costs and improves time-to-market.

EMV Today

EMV technology has opened new doors in the payments industry, allowing for stricter security requirements that protect consumers from information hacks. EMV has been growing annually, and has no sign of slowing down. The technology landscape is constantly changing, and security requirements must change with it. Gemstone is continually updating and training on the most recent requirements so your company doesn’t get left behind in the market.