The next generation Payment Application

Stacked like no other

Terminal Agnostic, one app multiple devices

Feature RICH

  • Control what features and functionality for your clients
  • No need to have different requirements for different patforms
  • Complete set of payment transactions


  • Both Semi-Intregrated end Standalone in one app
  • EMV Ready
  • Supports all compliance requirements

Why choose gemPay?

gemPay is a robust payment terminal application that is designed to be deployed across different payment terminal platforms. gemPay can be deployed as either a Stand-alone or Semi-integrated solution.

One payment application across multiple payment devices

A single app to target merchant verticals across manufacturers

Drive compliance & launch proprietary features on your timelines

No need to wait for manufacturers to add to their common application Greater control over the introduction of proprietary features

Implement a common UI, transaction flow, & reports across platforms

The same general look & feel across all platforms Lower support costs and sales training costs

Improve time-to-market and lower Dev/QA/UAT costs

Significantly shorten the Dev/QA/UAT cycle for each terminal
Increase quality with common code re-use across platforms

Fully Featured Payment Application


  • Credit & Debit Sale
  • Credit Force Sale
  • Credit Refund
  • Credit Auth Only
  • Credit Adjust
  • Credit Tip Adjust
  • Credit Sales Completion
  • Credit MOTO Sale
  • Credit & Debit Balance Inquiry
  • Credit Open Tab
  • Credit & Debit Close Tab
  • Credit Delete Tab
  • Credit & Debit Void
  • EBT Sale
  • EBT Force
  • EBT Balance Inquiry


  • CVV2 Address Verification
  • Card Present
  • Multi-Merchant
  • Merchant Security
  • Clerk Server Management
  • Table Number
  • Invoice Managment
  • Tax Processing
  • Additional Account Number
  • Fraud Control
  • Duplicate Transaction Validation
  • Partial Authentication
  • Commercial Card & Additional Data
  • Multiple Communcation Methods
  • Configurable Reciept
  • Signature Capture
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